More about me

Once there was a boy. A sensitive boy. And one fine day his life changed for ever. And he grew to be one of the most fulfilled people on earth. All because of flowers. And all because someone took the time to introduce him to the utterly beautiful world of gardening.

And that boy was me…

I’m Ben Johnson. I’m glittering gold. A vibrant ruby. A wise sapphire. An eloquent emerald. Probably the rarest individual you’ll ever meet. My garden designs are my unique personality made manifest. And people love them!

“Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself” Coco Chanel x

My designs are the result of a powerful concoction: in-depth training combined with natural talent, all underpinned with a love of nature.

It was partly my Nan’s influence upon me that set me on the pathway to where I am now: instilling in me a love of and respect for wildlife, pointing out the sheer beauty of trees, plants, flowers… and, crucially, stressing the importance of caring for the environment and supporting the natural world.

Since leaving school and finding my true path, I’ve enjoyed an enriched, fulfilling life, developing into the UK’s best professional garden designer.

Now, enjoy taking a look at just some of my dazzling garden designs.

Ready for a stunning new garden? Let’s get started.