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Gardens have a health benefit. Feel better by connecting with nature.

You’re wonderfully unique. A genuine work of art. No, a work of genius. A veritable masterpiece! That’s why your garden should also be.

And that’s where I come in.

I’m Ben Johnson, aka Tigerus, and I have the skills, experience, vision and a certain garden design je ne sais quoi to make your dream garden not ‘just’ a reality, but something beyond your wildest dreams. Your garden is an extension of your living space; it has the potential to greatly enhance you and your family’s daily life. I’m blessed with the gift of identifying such potential, before ensuring that it’s realised, in full.

Let my way of life improve your life

Putting my heart and soul into creating truly beautiful gardens for others is, for me, not a job, but a raison d’etre. It’s all I think about, who I am, what I was born to do — a rare, exceptional individual who eats, sleeps and breathes garden design excellence, and delivers enticing, idyllic exteriors for delighted clients across Essex and its surrounds.

Prepare to see a master at work. Prepare to be amazed.

From me, look forward to getting more than a garden design that simply “makes sense”. Much more. I take garden design to an exhilarating new level, treating gardens as blank canvases upon which I create works of art lovingly crafted to perfection, sensitively striking that perfect balance between colour, texture, tone and shade, and where even the tiniest detail absolutely matters.

Are you ready to feel like this?

Before talking to anyone else about designing (or redesigning) your garden, I absolutely urge you to talk to me first. Then, feel yourself becoming transfixed as I deftly illustrate how garden design can be propelled into a stunning stratosphere that you never even realised existed.

From me, get a garden that takes your breath away, has you beaming from ear to ear, makes you squeal with delight, and even well up with emotion as everything you had ever yearned for deep inside is finally there, as if by magic. Tigerus magic!

Countless elated clients have entrusted me with their garden design, placing their long-held dream in my loving and remarkably capable hands.

Now, it’s your turn.

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